Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Last Backpacking Trip: Melacca

I might've lied when I called Cambodia as the end of my backpacking series. I actually headed to Melacca, Malaysia which is 4 hour bus ride away from Singapore with some friends last weekend. Leaving around 9 am in the morning, we got there around lunch time and to our surprise, everyone was taking lunch break *sighs*. Despite of the lunch break, we managed to find a cab driver who was still working over the lunch break and drove to the guesthouse in the Jonker Walk area. To our surprise (again), the guesthouse owner who also happened to live there was taking a lunch/nap break as well. We knocked and he welcomed us, giving a spare backdoor key aside from our room key in case he locks the front door (which also happens to be his t-shirt store and his office) when we get back.

Feeling hungry ourselves, we took a lunch break just like the locals did. We decided to have the legendary Famosa chicken rice balls. It was way better than regular Hainanese chicken rice.

All the interesting attractions are within walking distance from one another. So much Dutch and Portugese influences shown in their landmarks, which are remains from the European conquest of East Indies beginning in the 15th century. The overall highlight to me was definitely Jonker Walk and Baba Nyonya House. Jonker Walk turns to a night market after 6 PM where they sell a lot of souvenirs, antiques, and local delicacies. Baba Nyonya House, on the other hand, used to be a real house where a family of Peranakan merchants lived. Thanks to the Singaporean drama I've been watching titled "The Little Nyonya", I became really interested in the Peranakan cultures and stories.

Another highlight was definitely the food. Thanks to the same drama, I was so wanting to try the pongteh and ayam buah keluak. And of course, authentic nyonya laksa was a must-try.

The local snacks at Jonker Walk was unquestionably good as well. From the Nyonya kuihs to twisted potatoes, from Taiwanese omelettes to satay celup; everything was so delish!

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